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Hey squad!

We are kicking the year off right with some news to share!

1. I recently attended SpecRight Summit in Austin, Texas and it was amazing! Great connections, alot of learnings of system, and good to represent Get Level Consulting at our first, official conference since relaunching during the pandemic! Check out some of my event prep planning tips!

2. EXTRA, EXTRA!! Be sure to check out our latest company report!

3. Check out one of my recent podcasts interviews "Start Right Now" with Corynne Corbert! We talk about what startup and indie brands should be doing in their business, how to get started, and more!

4. Check out our below tip:

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES brands/companies make with the creation of their products,

And it NOT factored into the initial kickoff of the product is...

Budget is critical to your operations! You need to know this when working with suppliers, service providers, etc.

This is the first thing I hear from brands during the insight call when I ask "what is your budget"!

Think about it!

When you want a pair of shoes, you know the investment required for the style, brand, etc of shoes. Louboutin is not the same investment as Steve Madden, and you would not try and spend Steve Madden price point at Louboutin (well maybe if you go for their lipstick) but not for shoes.

That's because you know the budget you're working with!

So, apply that same philosophy with product and packaging development!

This can save ALOT of time if you stop this mistake and factor at the BEGINNING of development!!

If you are ready to:

Check our online catalog today!

There is something available to help you RIGHT now!

Check our online course catalog!


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EXTRA, all about it!!

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