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Packaging 101 Toolkit

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Are you looking for packaging for your product and don't know what you should be looking for?

Ready to create your product yet all this packaging out here is causing you to be confused?

You’re working with suppliers and think “it’s just a box” or “it’s not that hard” yet you are getting frustrated with the process?

Stop being frustrated and get the toolkit you need to tackle the key essentials for your packaging!

In the Packaging 101 Toolkit, we are breaking down the key essentials you need as part of your product development, with packaging focus! Packaging is critical to operation from shipping, housing your product, promotion, and more! And you need to know what is happening to save yourself a headache, know your cost, and how to convey what you want and need! 

In this training, we are pulling back the curtain to unveil the key essentials you need as part of your toolkit so you know how to speak the lingo and essentials to start creating your product and packaging for your brand. In this toolkit, you will receive the following video modules: 

  • Packaging Inspiration and Design (part 1 & 2)

  • Key Essentials that impact your packaging Pricing, 

  • Packaging Dimensions Overview, 

  • PLUS 5 Questions to Ask Suppliers

  • PLUS 3 Critical Components of your Packaging Development

We got you covered!!

So, stock your toolkit to get your packaging in order as part of your branding and product development so you can be ahead of the game!

Who is this training FOR?

  • New or Existing Product Based brands,

  • Service-Based Providers that work with Product Based companies, 

  • Product Based brands that are shipping out physical products,

  • Entrepreneurs and/or brands wanting to elevate the aesthetics of their brand,

  • Service Providers are considering product development as another stream of income in their business. 

  • Service-Based Providers (i.e. Agencies, Internal Teams,  working with startup brands and need insight on the packaging aspects,

  • Ready to work with an agency, service provider, or supplier to articulate why packaging is necessary and functionality. 

 Who is this NOT FOR?

  • Brands and Companies that do not care about the shift in the market or best practices,

  • Companies that are willing to stay “stuck” in their current operations without adapting to the market. 

  • Businesses launching online/digital training

  • Professionals do not want to learn from an expert on the packaging details,



FAQ Section

What is the format of the training?

  • This is an online training with complimentary videos and a workbook to help you go through the training. 

Do you offer any refunds?

  • We do not offer refunds for our online training!

What happens after I purchase?

  • You will be navigated to the confirmation page after your purchase and access your downloadable workbook and also via email. The email will be from Accelerate Level Institute and Gumroad. 

  • ALL of your videos are accessible INSIDE of the workbook!

  • ALL of your videos are accessible INSIDE of the workbook!

  • Please make sure you enter the correct email address and check your spam.



 Meet your trainer!

Megan Young Gamble is known as "The Project ExecutionHER"!

She helps consumer personal good brands create a luxury experience for their customers....thanks to the world of packaging and project management. She has trained over 300+ professionals in-person and virtually, launched over 600+ products in the consumer personal goods industry, and managed over 400+ projects from the automotive, consumer personal goods, packaging, technology, and insurance industries. She volunteers with PMI Atlanta Agile Forum as the Program Manager and Board Member for Unlimited Resources, 501c3 non-profit organization providing life skills that last a lifetime. 


She has trained over 300+ professionals in-person and virtually, launched over 600+ products, and managed over 400+ projects.

She is the principal trainer at Accelerate Level Institute, and Principal Consultant at Get Level Consulting, an operations management firm that delivers packaging solutions to startup and legacy brands from conception to distribution to the retail shelf.


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The toolkit you need to know for your packaging development, design, and pricing!

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Packaging 101 Toolkit

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