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The Holiday Launch Playbook!

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Are you prepared for the Holiday Season?

Have you considered your product timeline to have inventory available?

What is your game plan for influencer/PR product boxes?

A lot of product-based businesses think that their holiday strategy should ONLY start in 30 days PRIOR to your launch date?

I'm here to tell you that you need to be prepared NOW!

Don't worry! I'm gonna get you together!

Here are the video training topics for "The Holiday Launch Playbook: Packaging Edition"


During this video training, we will be discussing:

  • Importance for Crafting your Holiday Strategy NOW,
  • What you need to be doing now for Holiday Prep,
  • Product Timeline Best Practices,
  • Basics of Shipping of your Products,


Most product-based businesses are reactive and not proactive. And definitely not accounting for longer lead time with packaging printers and manufacturers. Meaning you will miss your launch! In this video training, we will discuss:

  • The importance of placing your packaging orders in advance,
  • Impacts of packaging production,


During this video training, we will be discussing:

  • Three essential components that need to be factored in your product development & creation,
  • Incorporate best practices to your indie/startup brand that is similar to corporate brands,
  • Understanding three main elements to convey to contract manufacturers and suppliers.


Plug in your details such as tasks, activities, deadlines, and dates with our easy-to-use starter timeline template. No more looking through your notebook to put everything together. Craft it out in the starter timeline template!

At the end of the training, you will have the opportunity to continue creating your holiday strategy with an exclusive offer!

Don't wait 30 days prior to the holiday! Be Proactive and start getting Your Pink Friday, Holidaze, Christmas, Valentines, or any holiday Strategy Together NOW!!

Who is this training for?

  • New or Existing Product Based brands that are shipping out physical products,
  • Ready to kick off their strategy in advance to have enough time to plan and prepare for their launch.
  • Service-based providers such as branding, marketing, designers, and similar that work with product-based businesses,
  • Brands ready to accelerate in their pursuits and get a piece of the over $400B+ holiday sales days!
  • Service-Based Providers (i.e. Agencies, Internal Teams,  working with startup brands and need insight on the packaging aspects,
  • Ready to work with an agency, service provider, or supplier to articulate why packaging is necessary and functionality. 

 Who is this training NOT for?

  • Services-based businesses without any physical products,
  • Businesses launching online/digital pieces of training,
  • Does not want to get their pockets stacked with the holiday sales,
  • Has limiting beliefs and are not ready to accelerate in their pursuits,
  • Professionals or brands that are ok with staying where they currently are,
  • Product-based businesses that do not want to offload products and have a "this my baby" mindset taking money out of your pockets.

Meet your Trainer!

Megan Young Gamble is known as "The Project ExecutionHER™"!

She helps consumer personal good brands create a luxury experience for their customers....thanks to the world of packaging and project management. She has trained over 300+ professionals in-person and virtually, launched over 600+ products in the consumer personal goods industry, and managed over 400+ projects from the automotive, consumer personal goods, packaging, technology, and insurance industries. Megan is the Principal Consultant at Get Level Consulting, an operation management firm that delivers packaging solutions to startup and legacy brands to help P.I.M.P Your Packaging™ from conception to distribution to the retail shelf. She is also the Principal Trainer at A.L.I, known as Accelerate Level Institute. She volunteers with PMI Atlanta Agile Forum as the Program Manager and Board Member for Unlimited Resources, a 501c3 non-profit organization providing life skills that last a lifetime.


After your purchase, you will receive access to the DOWNLOADABLE file! 

Please keep your promotions, junk, spam folders for details!


What is the format of the training?

This is an online training with a complimentary video and worksheet to help you go through the training. 

Do you offer any refunds?

We do not offer refunds for our online training. 

Will you help me craft my strategic plan?

NO, not during this training. However, after your purchase, you will be notified about our upcoming intensives where you get to work with me in a group setting with live examples and more. 


I got my workbook, where is the training?

Once you obtain the training, on the first page, it will say "CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR TRAINING". You must access your workbook to get the video training.

What happens after I purchase?

  • You will be navigated to the confirmation page after your purchase and access your downloadable workbook and also via email. The email will be from Accelerate Level Institute and Gumroad. 
  • ALL of your videos are accessible INSIDE of the workbook!
  • ALL of your videos are accessible INSIDE of the workbook!
  • Please make sure you enter the correct email address and check your spam.
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You'll get: Easy to Digest tips and pointers on what you need as part of your holiday strategy, especially around packaging!

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The Holiday Launch Playbook!

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