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Make It Make Cent$! Packaging Budget + More: Understand your Backend Money for Upfront Profit

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Are you winging it thinking you do not need a budget? 

Want to know how much to allocate for packaging in your production schedule?

What the heck are TCOGs, Production, and Lead Time and why are they important to your budget?

Is your product per unit price impacting your profit margin?

If you asked yourself this or about and about to go crazy to factor everything for your budget?

If you said YES! 

You are in the Right Place!

"Make It Make Cent$: Packaging Budget & More is the go-to training to learn all the elements that are required to craft your exclusive product budget with packaging included, to know your backend money for your upfront profit!

In this training, you will learn:  

  • Key Terms and Definitions utilized in the industry so you can start speaking with an industry pro,

  • Critical Elements that must be included in your budget,

  • Percentage to allocate for packaging + freight, 

  • Determine your backend money for UPFRONT profit!

  • PLUS...exercises to get you crafting your budget!

You wouldn't go to the store without having a budget in place! Don't let your product budget be half-ass and impact your profit!

Who is this training for?

  • Product-Based brands that are selling physical products,

  • Entrepreneurs and/or brands Unclear about all elements to be factored into the budget,

  • Entrepreneurs and/or brands that do not have a budget in place,

Who is this training NOT for?

  • Service-Based Businesses not selling physical products.

Meet your Trainer!

Megan Young Gamble is known as "The Project ExecutionHER"!

She helps consumer personal good brands create a luxury experience for their customers....thanks to the world of packaging and project management. She has trained over 300+ professionals in-person and virtually, launched over 600+ products in the consumer personal goods industry, and managed over 400+ projects from the automotive, consumer personal goods, packaging, technology, and insurance industries. She volunteers with PMI Atlanta Agile Forum as the Program Manager and Board Member for Unlimited Resources, a 501c3 non-profit organization providing life skills that last a lifetime.

What Happens After I Purchase?

You will receive your pre-work which is a checklist then lead to the training. Please make sure you enter the correct email address and check your spam folders.

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Make It Make Cent$! Packaging Budget + More: Understand your Backend Money for Upfront Profit

0 ratings
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