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3 Things to Have in Place Like Big Box Brands

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Did you know Walmart started as a local neighborhood in Bentonville, AR before becoming the #1 department store?

Before Jeff Besos was a multi-billionaire of Amazon, he started Amazon in his garage for selling books. 

 I’m sharing this because, before these big conglomerates were who they are now, they were just like YOU, an independent, startup company!

While they have grown over the years and decades, they have revamped their strategy, audience, and experience!

Which all three play a critical part in operation sustainability which has contributed to generating millions in revenue. 


Just because of the size of your company, does not mean you should think and operate SMALL! It is time to OPERATE the big box brands!

During this training, you will learn: 

  • Three fundamental areas you need in your operation,

  • Incorporate best practices to your indie/startup brand that is similar to big box brands, 

  • Insights on the “most know” of big box brands,


Who is this training for?

  • New or Existing Product Based brands that are shipping out physical products,

  • Ready to stop playing small and think and operation BIG like big-box brands

  • Wanting to know what’s happening in the big box world for you as a startup brand to leverage and get prepared for consideration to pitch big box brands.

 Who is this training NOT for?

  • Services based businesses without any physical products,

  • Businesses launching online/digital training.

FAQ Section

  1. What is the format of the training?

    • This is an online training with complimentary video and worksheet to help you go through the training. 

  2. Do you offer any refunds?

    • We do not offer refunds for our online training!

  3. Will you help me pitch my brand to big-box retailers?

    • No! We do have a partner that helps brands get positioned into retail stores. Email us with the subject header “BIG BOX PLACEMENT” to receive more information!

  4. I got my workbook, where is the training?

    • Once you obtain the training, on the first page, it will say "CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR TRAINING". You must access your workbook to get the video training.

What happens after I purchase?

You will be navigated to the confirmation page and details to access/download the training. 

Meet the person behind the brand

Megan Young Gamble is known as "The Project ExecutionHER"!

She helps consumer personal good brands create a luxury experience for their customers....thanks to the world of packaging and project management. She has trained over 300+ professionals in-person and virtually, launched over 600+ products in the consumer personal goods industry, and managed over 400+ projects from the automotive, consumer personal goods, packaging, technology, and insurance industries. Megan is Principal Consultant at Get Level Consulting, an operation management firm that delivers packaging solutions to startup and legacy brands to help P.I.M.P Your Packaging from conception to distribution to the retail shelf. She is also the Principal Trainer at A.L.I, known as Accelerate Level Institute. She volunteers with PMI Atlanta Agile Forum as the Program Manager and Board Member for Unlimited Resources, 501c3 non-profit organization providing life skills that last a lifetime.

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3 Things to Have in Place Like Big Box Brands

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